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Aloe Creamy Exfoliating Cleanser

Enjoy the refreshing and natural feel of aloe with Truebeauty's aloe creamy exfoliating cleanser. This exfoliate will completely refresh your skin in minutes. Use the aloe cleanser as a scrub to take away dead skin cells for a fresh and radiant afterglow. The cleanser will not peel or damage your skin like traditional scrubs. Aloe creaming exfoliating cleanser comes in 60-gram packages. Click to learn more about our Aloe Creamy Exfoliating Cleanser.

Truebeauty Aloe Creamy Exfoliating Cleanser, Natural Health Products in Saint Louis, Missouri

The Story of Jade Orchid Perfume

Become captivated in the unique scent of orchid perfume made of real orchids available from the natural health products experts at Truebeauty in Saint Louis, Missouri. The smell is taken from a special orchid flower, using modern technology to extract the scent.

The province of Yunnan is well known throughout China for its rich and diverse plant life and is often referred to as the "Botanical Kingdom." One of the most renowned specimens in the province is the beautiful and fragrant Jade Orchid. Native women wait for the arrival of spring so they can collect the delicate white blossoms to wear around their necks and become captivated by the floral scent. The bloom of the Jade Orchid is short-lived so the beautiful fragrance must be enjoyed while it lasts.


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Capturing the Essence

Throughout history the Jade Orchid flower has been admired by travelers around the world. French perfumers came to Yunnan in the 18th and 19th centuries to explore the Qing Kingdom. Their attempts failed at capturing the Jade Orchid's delicate fragrance as it was nearly impossible to embody the fragrance compounds using traditional extraction methods.

At the end of the 20th century, the best quality Jade Orchid fragrance oil was successfully obtained. In an American fragrance art laboratory, using the advanced technique of super critical extraction, a group of world-class master perfumists worked over two years in creating and refining a Jade Orchid perfume that met all of their expectations. Now, their shared dream has become a reality with the release of Jade Orchid perfume—a beautiful, unique and unforgettable new scent.


Truebeauty Jade Orchid, Natural Health Products in Saint Louis, Missouri

Truebeauty Jade Orchid

Truebeauty Jade Orchid is the world's only authentic Jade Orchid collection perfume on the market. The masterminds behind the Orchid perfume development have created a fragrance that will captivate you and those around you. Truebeauty offers 50ml and travel sizes in 6ml.


Aloe Creamy Foaming Mousse Cleanser

Formulated with natural extracts, plant-derived green surfactants and botanical aromatic oils, Truebeauty Aloe Creamy Foaming Mousse Cleanser is a genuine natural personal care product. It cleans skin safely, gently and pleasantly. Click here to view more information about the Aloe Creamy Foaming Mousse Cleanser.

Super Moisturizing & Protective Serum

Combining Aloe Vera juice, Natural Beautifier from the seabed of the Antarctic, and Green Algae from Klamath Lake with Natural Skin Protective Factor (NSPF), Super Skin Moisturizing & Protective Serum provides a long-lasting and unique benefit for the skin. It is specially designed for the reduction of wrinkles, flakiness and fine lines. Skin becomes softer, smoother and younger looking. Click here to view more information about the Super Moisturizing & Protective Serum.


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